• Full Time
  • Baldwin
  • Salary Guide: $25,750 - $46,350

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Category: Engineering, Size: n/a


This role will suit grafters and self-starters who can integrate well with a team and want to make a difference. CASTO SOUTHEAST INC is a friendly, happy organization that’s passsionate about its brand, and is an equal opportunities employer. candidates with relevant qualifications or experience should visit the website for further information about this role.

Position: Maintenance Supervisor (Residential)
Location: Baldwin
Hours: Full Time
Salary Guide: $25,750 – $46,350
Last Updated: 19 September 2022
Job Category: Engineering

Maintenance Supervisor Role:

A Maintenance Manager, or Maintenance Supervisor, oversees the business maintenance tasks, including the upkeep of offices, buildings, grounds and company vehicles. Duties include scheduling maintenance tasks, supervising Maintenance Workers and responding to maintenance emergencies.

Other Duties:

  • Creating maintenance schedules and delegating tasks to team members
  • Conducting site inspections and identifying areas requiring extra maintenance work
  • Supervising maintenance workers and ensuring they follow safe work practices
  • Performing minor on-site repairs
  • Scheduling contractors for major repairs as required
  • Discussing maintenance concerns with the employer and communicating these to Maintenance Workers
  • Staying on-call and responding to emergency maintenance needs
  • Developing maintenance budgets, hiring maintenance crew and negotiating vendor contracts
  • Controlling and monitoring inventory
  • Coordinating work performed by outside vendors

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