• Full Time
  • Bono
  • Salary Guide: $18,000 - $25,000


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Category: Legal, Size: 5 TO 9


To support its growth SUNRISE MEDICAL GROUP is looking for a new member to join its team in a supportive and friendly environment. This role will suit a self-motivated individual who can work with minimum supervison. The successful applicant will have good interpersonal and communication skills, and will be open to new learning and ideas. Please visit the website for further information about this role.

Position: Judicial Clerks
Location: Bono
Hours: Full Time
Salary Guide: $18,000 – $25,000
Last Updated: 21 November 2022
Job Category: Legal

Judicial Clerk Role:

A Legal Clerk, or Judicial Clerk performs record keeping and administrative duties in law offices. Primary duties include maintaining legal records, completing paperwork and organising a Solicitor s Lawyers workload.

Other Duties:

  • Collecting and delivering documents by hand
  • Preparing documents, books and papers and taking robes and other supplies to and from court
  • Organising the law library, negotiating payments for Solicitors Lawyers and handling customer services
  • Collecting and updating client information and maintaining paper and electronic records
  • Printing, photocopying and reproducing business correspondence, letters and emails
  • Organising the Lawyers schedule, booking flight tickets and hotel accommodations
  • Ordering office supplies, managing invoices and tracking petty cash
  • Welcoming clients and setting up an appointment between clients and Solicitors

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