• Full Time
  • Washington
  • Salary Guide: $20,000 - $50,000

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Category: Accountancy:Purchasing, Size: 5 TO 9


This role will suit grafters and self-starters who can integrate well with a team and want to make a difference. TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING is a friendly, happy organization that’s passsionate about its brand, and is an equal opportunities employer. candidates with relevant qualifications or experience should visit the website for further information about this role.

Position: Accounts Payable Coordinator
Location: Washington
Hours: Full Time
Salary Guide: $20,000 – $50,000
Last Updated: 21 November 2022
Job Category: Accountancy:Purchasing

Accounts Payable Role:

Accounts Payable is the department that handles company costs and expenses. Professionals who work in this business function are responsible for keeping business operations funded. They receive invoices from company suppliers and other cost of goods sources and account for them individually. Invoices are put against project revenues to gauge successfulness, against department incomes to measure performance, and against company sales to determine profitability. Acts as gatekeeper between revenues received and what revenues actually go out. Accuracy is critical, as is the ability to gauge discrepancies and evaluate opportunities for lowering costs.

Other Duties:

  • Accept invoices from suppliers and apply those sums to cost accounting
  • Establish payment cycles, taking advantage of preferable terms when applicable
  • Send invoices to manager or department head for approval
  • Remit payments, retaining receipts of transactions
  • Reconcile transactions and correct any discrepancies
  • Assess invoices comparable to project, department, and company forecasts
  • Evaluate performance and make suggestions to cut costs
  • Manage and maintain payroll and employee incentives
  • Negotiate service and payment terms
  • Develop relationships with suppliers
  • Find ways to improve payment systems
  • Audit accounts payable operations to make sure invoices and receipts are properly coded

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