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5 Video Resume Tips To Help You Land The Job

Simply put, a video resume is the easiest way to get in touch with your potential employer and express yourself in the best way possible. It is not only a strong move from your side to show your interest in the position, but it also helps you outperform the other applications. After all, when an employer gets to know your personality deeper, they can connect with you instantly. In this blog, we will sift you through the best video resume tips and how they can help you get the job that you want.

What is a Video Resume?

As the name implies, this short video allows you to introduce yourself and inform the recruiter about your skill set. It is usually submitted along with the cover letter and the resume itself. The video resume will show the creative side of your personality and let the employer know if you’re fit for the company culture or not.

Consider the following tips to make your resume compelling enough for the employer:

⮚     Prepare a Script

As a first step, you should know what you want the video to be like. For example, think if you want the video to have action shots of your skills, or you want to fit in front of the camera and introduce yourself. If you go with the former, jot down every step and understand the order. Also, outline all the essential points that need to be communicated. Or, if you want the tone to be more conversational, prepare a bullet of all the specific skills, qualifications, and experience that is necessary to get communicated.

⮚     Declutter Your Environment

The first impression is the last impression! This holds substance because your first visuals will cement a strong reputation of yourself in the employer’s mind. Choose a filming space and clear it from all sorts of unwanted stuff. Especially if you decide to film in your bedroom, the video resume shouldn’t show any shots of your pillows, hanging clothes, stationery, or anything else. The filming space will have a strong impact on your professional appeal as an applicant.

⮚     Choose the Recording Device

Choose either of these, the tablet, smartphone, or a professional camera, which can easily produce high-quality images and audio. The more clear the video, the better it will be for your impression to be registered positively. Ensure to set the recording device high enough, so it can take a complete shot of your face and shoulders. Or, if you’re using action shots, ensure that the device fully captures your personality. Once recorded, check the audio and video result to ensure it is of the finest quality.

⮚     Taking Several Takes won’t Hurt

If you’re by yourself, recording the video and taking care of the process, it shouldn’t be bothering you to take another take if the first one hasn’t shared the right impression. Sometimes, we get confused and sit in a stationary position to say something. Bear in mind you have to present yourself wholeheartedly to succumb to the job opportunity. Sitting like a robot and mouthing the lines will only damage your reputation.

⮚     Edit The Video and Make it Look Best

Gather all the footage that has been shot and select the best shots. Work on your outline and start assembling footage to breathe life into the story that you’ve created. Also, consider professional help if you’re not good with video editing yourself. Use top-notch video editing software and organize the footage in a frame. Thankfully, most tech devices come with inbuilt video editing capabilities, so you should focus on them.